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Water is NOT just water

What makes Kangen water the IDEAL water

It turns tap water into healthy drinking water

  • Tap water runs through the filter of the Enagic machine
  • The water is hit with electricity
  • 7 medical grade titanium plates change the molecular structure of the water
  • The water  molecules become negatively charged, antioxidant alkalized water


  • Water is in a cluster of 15-20 molecules when the electricity hits the water cluster
  • The electricity breaks it up into smaller clusters
  • The smaller clusters increase the cell permeability
  • It doesn’t bloat you because of the microclusters

pH Changes

  • Electricity changes the pH of the water to 9.5 (highly alkaline)
  • Everyone’s bodies are acidic due to our diets, sugar and soda
  • Our bodies detox when we drink water at 8.5-9.5
  • “alkaline” waters you purchase in the store that are bottled are analyzed with chemicals

Oxidation reduction potential

  • Anti Oxidant level of Kangen water is a -400 to a -500
  • Sodas Oxidation level can run upwards of a +500
  • Oxidation causes the “rusting” in our bodies

Releasing Free Electrons

  • Kangen water is filled with free electrons
  • These free electrons bind to there floating free electrons
  • They electrons stay active for 48 hours
  • The water is strongest when it comes out of the filter


Our Water Club (only available for practice members)

Try Kangen water for 30 days free

  • It doesn’t cost anything to try it
  • Drink as much as you can
  • Drink as much as you like
  • Target: 1/2 to 1 gallon per person per day
  • Bring home the water to your friends (especially anyone who is sick)
  • If you love it after 30 days you can join the Water Club for $30 a month or buy your own machine for at home use
  • Free educational seminar the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm

Water Club

  • No Contracts
  • Month to month on an autodraft (1st or 15th of each month)
  • Unlimited water per month
  • You bring your own bottles to the office and fill them at our office
  • Only available for practice members and their families
  • Only $30 per month

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