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Meet Dr. Robert Hart

I love restoring hope to those who feel hopeless.

Photo of Chiropractor, Robert Hart“While I was in medical school, I sustained a significant injury. I went through multiple treatments with orthopedic specialists. When the pain continued, I was surprised when one of my orthopedists referred me to a chiropractor. He changed my life and he treated the whole person, not just my symptoms.”

Dr. Rob, who ended up studying under the chiropractor, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2002. He began practicing in New Jersey for several years before joining WHI @ Eaton Chiropractic in 2014. Dr. Rob and Dr. Cris’ saw an immediate synergy in their approach. Dr. Rob has additional credits in applied nutrition, extremities work, posture correction and physical therapy.

Techniques and Services

Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Dr. Hart combines his specialties, and helps patients build trust in him so he can help them get better.

Dr. Rob once had a 14-year-old patient who had endured migraine headaches each day of her young life. After several months of weekly treatments, she was significantly better and is now a college student who has only a few headaches a year.

Enjoying an Active Life in Kennesaw

Like Dr. Cris, Dr. Rob is passionate about giving back to the local community. “Service has been engrained in me for as long as I can remember. In order to make a difference in your community all you have to do is start!” Dr Rob is passionate about sharing his passion for service. He recently started three Kiwanis Club programs for children in the community. Dr. Rob, his wife Erika, their two children Sam and Emma Rose are also very involved in their church. Ask Dr. Rob about his annual mission trips when you come in! When he has time, Dr. Rob enjoys working on old cars and hot rodding.

If you’re ready to get on the path toward optimal health and wellness, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rob today!