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Meet Dr. Cris Eaton-Welsh

I have the greatest job in the world — I get to help people get their lives back.

Dr. Cris’ father, Doc Eaton, founded Eaton Chiropractic, and she saw the passion for chiropractic in everyone around her. “I thought I wanted to be an accountant and was sitting for the CPA exam when I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I told my dad I wanted to go to chiropractic school instead, he almost dropped the phone because he was so excited.” Dr. Cris graduated from Life University of Chiropractic in 2000, where she was president of her class and secretary for the Executive Student Council.

Techniques and Services

Giving People Their Lives Back

“What appeals to me about chiropractic is that I have the ability to take things I’ve learned and help people improve their lives. We want them to feel they are not coming to a doctor’s office, but to a place where they will get their lives back.”

Staying Active in Kennesaw

Dr. Cris is involved outside the office in many community projects that support healthy lifestyles, like the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce where she is on the Health & Wellness Committee. She also served on the Cobb2020 Steering Committee, whose goal is to decrease obesity and increase health in the county.

To encourage area youth to stay active, Dr. Cris founded and operates the Swift Kids Running Program (aka Swift Kids).  This year marks the 12th year of her program. Swift Kids meets two times per week for twelve weeks and the program culminates with the participants, volunteer coaches and often times their families completing a 5K race together. Over the course of the twelve weeks the participants are educated on exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and how those choices affect their overall health. Dr Cris moved the program to the Noonday Creek Trail

She also received considerable recognition in the community:

She isn’t the only practitioner in the family. In addition to her dad and both uncles, Steve’s parents, an aunt and his sister are chiropractors. Dr. Cris’ immediate family, including daughters Isabelle and Shelby, all enjoy running for wellness. Steve is a television editor for Bally Sports, and both he and Dr. Cris enjoy riding motorcycles when they’re not working, enjoying family time or doing a variety of community services.

If you’d like to experience better health, naturally, schedule an appointment with Dr. Cris today!