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Our Techniques and Services

We use a variety of effective chiropractic techniques that range from gentle and slow to fast and forceful, depending on what is needed by the individual patient.

Activator Methods®

This gentle technique employs an instrument that delivers a small pulse to the spine which is sometimes used on patients who are uncomfortable with manipulation techniques.


Decompression is a technique for patients with acute or chronic back pain often brought on by aging. We use a pulling force to relieve pressure on discs and vertebrae in the lumbar and spine regions. It’s used to treat problems such as back or neck pain, bulging disc, spinal stenosis and leg pain. Our specially designed table allows us to stretch the body to get discs where they are supposed to be.


The drop table assists the doctor with adjusting vertebrae and other segments of the nervous system by enhancing motion force that is directed to the area that needs attention.

Achieve Better Health Through Nutrition

As part of our commitment to treating the whole body, we address patients’ nutrition needs. Dr. Cris earned a 200-hour certification in the Standard Process® food supplement program and uses it for both our patients and our families. In addition to providing chiropractic care, recommending regular exercise, proper diet and supplements, we will guide you to elevate your body’s support systems to their peak functionality.

If you’re ready to embark on the path toward better health through chiropractic and nutrition, contact us today!

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