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Meet Dr. Kadria Scott

I am elated to see you leave the office with a smile on your face, spring in your step, and a certainty that you are better now than before.

“I have had the pleasure of receiving care from Dr. Scott for back pain that I experienced during my pregnancy. Thanks to her healing hands I was able to have what I believe was a more comfortable 3rd trimester and more pain free time to enjoy my pregnancy. Since then I have continued to see her for maintenance care allowing me to get through my days with a better quality of life.”

Dr. Kadria Scott is originally from a sunny Caribbean island known as Trinidad and Tobago. Her passion for health and service for others began at an early age and as such pursued higher education at Spelman College, where she majored in Biology. At Spelman College she learned valuable knowledge about how intricate and dynamic the human body is and was inspired to share true health as a doctor. She went on to continue her education at Life University, where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While at Life University Dr. Kadria went above and beyond to further concentrate her education on her passion for children and expecting mothers. Due to these efforts, she has obtained extensive postgraduate training and is certified in the Webster Technique while currently completing her coursework with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to be certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).

Prior to joining  WHI @ Eaton Chiropractic, Dr. Kadria was practicing in her own office in Sandy Springs, GA where she was an active member of the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber and supporter of many community events and organizations. Dr. Kadria saw an immediate synergy with both Dr. Rob and Dr. Cris in their approach.

Techniques and Services

Giving Honest Answers

Dr. Kadria combines her specialties, and helps patients build trust in her so she can help them get better by providing honest answers.

She once had a young mother in 2nd pregnancy who was experiencing sharp pains in her lower pelvis and rib area, shortness of breath, and a breech baby; just a month out from her due date. Frustrated and hopeless, her dreams of a healthy and natural birth seemed like a memory rather than a reality. After one adjustment, the pubic and rib pain were gone and she could breathe again. The following week she had a prenatal visit with her obstetrician. An ultrasound was performed revealing a baby positioned idealy for birth.

Enjoying an Active Life in Marietta

Dr. Kadria is passionate about giving back to the local community. She recently started “Walk this Way- with a Doc” for members of the community to enjoy a free program that encourages exercise/movement, engages the community, and educates all on various health conditions. When she is not in the office sharing health with others or speaking to organizations and companies, you can find Dr. Kadria spending time with her extended family and friends. She enjoys traveling and experiencing various cultures around the world.

If you’re ready to get on the path toward optimal health and wellness, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kadria today!